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Maremma was a tough land to cultivate but love and hard work revealed to us her magnificent richess.


The history of our company begins in the early years of 1900, when Maremma was a tough land which required a great sense of tenacity and perserverance to reveal her inner beauty and richness.

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My grandfather was born here in 1909 and from hence my family has cultivated with passion, love and committment the noble plant of olive. Nowadays, with extreme pride we would like to present you our product: the extra-virgin olive oil.


Yes, today as then, we put the same devotion and care for the olive groves cultivation and production of our extra-virgin olive oil. You will find it reflected in its intense taste and perfume and its extraordinary organoleptic qualities.

We can say our product is not just a “seasoning” for the food but is a real “panacea” because rich in powerful antioxidants named poliphenols, vitamin E and is a natural enemy of high cholesterol.

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The beauty of our land led us to share so much these places and fragrances that we decided also to create an agriturismo where our guests will taste and live experiences and flavors of the past.


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